Cory Long

Founder | Executive Director

Cory Long is a change agent. He is a dynamic, results-oriented leader with a strong track record of performance in youth development, recreation planning, and civic engagement. Cory is a trusted constituent with significant relationships and affiliations with key decision-makers from community, political, and members of the faith-based sector. He is a confidant to many, and a stabilizing force around the region. The trajectory of his work and the fruits of his labor are evident in the day-to-day conversation of community members and the leaders that serve them.

As the Founder & Executive Director of Making A Change Group (MAC), Cory, in partnership with his wife Ronette Long, has served the community with robust resources that improve the access to and quality of education while strengthening the family dynamic. Cory is also the co-founder of FUSE (Fellowship of Urban Suburban Engagement), a Delaware County-based organization that aims to deepen relationships across racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and geographical lines. Cory's organizations and its programs offer a litany of opportunities that have led to a number of awards. These recognitions are in response to the successful execution of initiatives that impact the lives of those in the City of Chester, Delaware County, and surrounding areas. In 2010, Cory was appointed the Anti-Violence Coordinator for the City of Chester where he served until launching his nonprofit in 2014. To their credit, Cory and Ronette have managed successful businesses while overseeing community programs. Cory is also the Owner & Principal Developer for Dominion Realty Group.


Cory's love for people started early while in the entertainment industry. As a well-known disc jockey for the award-winning Clear Channel, now iHeart Radio Station’s Power 99 FM. It was Cory’s job to create an atmosphere of freedom and fun. His ability to create an environment of freedom using the universal language of music transcends into the present as he continues to create atmospheres of freedom and fun through change. As a change agent, he works tirelessly to provide solutions to clients and families experiencing life emergencies. Cory's solutions convert a state of emergency into one of serenity. He considers change to be the weapon needed to help communities that are in dire straits experience a lasting impact that can be felt for generations to come. 


Established in 2014, Making A Change Group (MACG) is dedicated to supporting at-risk youth through mentorship, family engagement, and community development. 


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