Developing Youth, Engaging Families, Impacting Communities.



Team MAC, the youth development entity of Making A Change Group was first created in 2004. As a grass roots mentor program,These sessions were held in schools and community centers with one mentor, Cory Long-MAC Group Founder, and up to 18 youth. As the program evolved, the next decade (2014) produced the fruits of our labor. This included a team of former mentees returning as adults to serve as the founding mentors under our 501(c) 3, Making A Change Group.


This effort was spearheaded by 2009 Team Mac Program Alumni, Ricky Taylor.

Ricky is currently Program Coordinator for Team Mac. This includes the oversight of 6 various school locations as of 2020. Both Cory and Ricky collectively developed the Team Mac Curriculum which is currently utilized in our programs. The curriculum has a focus on social and emotional learning based on 10 of the 40 Developmental Assets, a framework of Search Institute of Minnesota.




After years of serving at-risk youth, we realize engaging families and caregivers, many who are disadvantaged, would give us an opportunity to improve the quality of life for the entire households. This is done through our case management system, evidence based enrichment programs, community and social events. 

These are families of our Team MAC youth although not limited to. We assist and/or direct them to basic needs and resources within our community. We have often found mistrust between families we serve and service providing agencies. This may stem from  lack of communication (on both parties). We also found shame and trauma to be factors that hinder disadvantaged families from connecting to resources that could improve their quality of life. We engage those families and serve as connectors in these situations. We operate this initiative primarily through volunteer social workers.




We believe in the spirit of collaboration and uniting communities. Therefore, we utilize our knowledge and networks within the city of Chester and Delaware County to consult, coordinate and engage our local communities through outreach efforts. We also share resources that support our mission of impacting communities, in attempts to reduce crime and violence, poverty and disparities.


One of our most significant partners in “Connecting Communities” is FUSE, Fellowship of Urban Suburban Engagement in Delaware County. A partnership between interfaith houses of worship, community groups, individuals and organizations with the aim of deepening relationships across racial and cultural lines and providing reconciliation opportunities.  * Cory Long is co-founding member of FUSE.



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