Reports and Updates

Here are some of the highlights of our activities from 2020:

  1. In the 2019-2020 school year, MACG provided youth development activities to 117 students across six schools. 

  2. In summer 2020, MACG organized five major trash clean-ups throughout the City of Chester. 

  3. In July and August 2020, MACG team members distributed 1,000 recreational backpacks as part of our V-PRYDE initiative (Violence Prevention Recreation Youth Development and Engagement).

  4. MACG provided critical COVID relief (food, essential supplies, PPE) to 40 families as the pandemic unfolded.

  5. Our FaceBook live broadcasts are providing outreach and information-sharing to a minimum of 700 people daily – with some individual broadcasts reaching as many as 5,000 viewers.

  6. In November 2020, MACG launched Connected Visions, a new case management-based program which has the capacity to serve 35 families as any point in time, supporting household members (adults children and youth) as they address trauma, break cycles of poverty and achieve healthier lives as individuals and household units. By the end of December 2020, Connected Visions had reached 15 households comprised of 116 adults and children/youth. Recruitment is ongoing.

  7. In December 2020, MACG – working with community partners – distributed 2,000 toys to 400 families via a Multicultural Toy Drive.