Established in 2014, Making A Change Group (MAC) is an organization formed to engage at-risk youth and families through development workshops such as social, emotional, character building, and career and life preparedness sessions for youth and for family support and enrichment sessions and services for parents. 

In addition, as a violence prevention and community building method, We organize and coordinate community outreach events, assemblies, virtual info sessions, and community strategies and implementation solutions with an aim to reduce crime, poverty, and trauma in the city of Chester, Delaware County and select communities.


Team MAC, the youth development entity of Making A Change Group was first created in 2004. As a grass roots mentor program,These sessions were held in schools and community centers with one mentor, Cory Long-MAC Group Founder, and up to 18 youth. As the program evolved, the next decade (2014) produced the fruits of our labor. This included a team of alumni mentees returning as adults to serve as the founding mentors under our 501(c) 3, Making A Change Group. 


 After years of serving at-youth, we came to the understanding that families or caregivers could be impacted from engaging with us. Therefore we could help improve the quality of life for our program youth, their families, and our communities collectively. We began to engage those families through enrichment programs and life skill workshops as part of our Connected Families initiative. We utilize strategic community partnerships to coalesce with organizations, agencies, schools, government officials and individuals to coordinate resources and outreach for our Connected Communities initiatives. For more info please visit “Our Work” page.


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P.O. Box 1115

Chester, PA 19016