Team Mac


Established in 2014, Making A Change Group (MAC) is dedicated to supporting at-risk youth through mentorship, family engagement and community development. We offer our youth trauma-informed programs and workshops focused on social-emotional learning, essential life skills and career preparedness. We engage their families by offering educational and supportive workshops to increase access to resources and improve stability. Additionally, we work to develop safer neighborhoods in Chester and Delaware County, reducing exposure to trauma and creating the opportunities our children need to thrive.


Team MAC, the youth development entity of Making A Change Group, was first created in 2004 as a grassroots mentoring program. Our program was based in schools and community centers with one mentor, MAC Group Founder Cory Long, and up to 18 youth. But, the program evolved through the next decade and produced the fruits of our labor. In 2014, Mr. Long had a team of alumni mentees return to give others the opportunity they had received. They became the founding mentors of our 501(c) 3, Making A Change Group. 


While working directly with youth proved rewarding, we began to see the need to work with our young people in the context of their environment. We saw the need to engage families and caregivers to improve the quality of life for our youth. We developed our Connected Families initiative, engaging our families through enrichment programs and life skills workshops. This initiative also utilizes strategic community partnerships to coalesce with other organizations, agencies, schools, government officials and individuals to coordinate resources and provide outreach. For more info please visit the “Our Work” page.


In addition to our focus on the individual needs of at-risk youth and families, we are addressing the need to reduce violence and trauma in the broader community and offer our students constructive options for growth. Our most recent initiative is V-PRYDE (Violence Prevention, Recreation and Youth Development). For more information, please visit our "V-PRYDE" page.


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