About Us


Recognizing that his hometown of Chester, PA has faced systemic socio-economic challenges that compromise resident’s abilities to flourish, Cory Long felt called to make a change.  His initial efforts focused on youth development.   He created a youth mentoring program in 2004 to which the City of Chester ultimately lent financial support, expanding services to include recreational and violence prevention activities. Thus, Making a Change Group (MACG) was born. MACG was formally incorporated and recognized as a 501C in 2016. Mentoring youth underscored for Cory the reality that it is vital to work with the families of young people as well as the larger community to truly affect change.


Leveraging his experience as a community organizer/promoter and his belief that we are all called to serve, Cory continues to lead MACG in finding solutions to challenges faced by individual City residents as well as the community as a whole.



Several principles ground the work of the Making a Change Group:



  • Commitment – we are committed to building strong communities

  • Accountability – we are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments to both MACG and the community

  • Integrity - we uphold the highest of standards of integrity in all of our actions

  • Collaboration - we multiply our contributions through collaboration

  • Service - we lead through service and serve with empathy


Servant Leadership

A servant leader focuses on the growth and wellbeing of people and the communities to which they belong. They reflect core values such as active listening, empathy, the desire to heal, dreaming “great dreams," community building, and recognizing the intrinsic 

value of all.


Trauma-informed Care

Chester, PA has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the nation. Living in the midst of such a high incidence of violence and crime leads to trauma.  MACG believes that we cannot serve the residents of Chester and its surrounding communities without an appreciation of and sensitivity to the negative socio-emotional impact that persistent violence has on those living in its midst.